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Structured Growth


Directed by Carter McCormick & Paula Sprenger

for National Parks Arts Foundation AiR

A reflection on the interaction between the forces of human history and the energy and power of the natural world.


Everyday humans are changing the landscapes that we encounter. As we alter the environment for our own means, other species must adapt to the changes we make. On Loggerhead Key humans stopped modifying the landscape decades ago. As human activity on the island subsided into park visitorship, nature crept back to where it had been long before a human foot ever touched its sand.

NPR Press


Making Art Off The Grid: A Monthlong Residency At A Remote National Park

By Melissa Block from NPR

Imagine: the chance to live on an uninhabited tropical island for a month, off the grid, creating art.

No phone, no television, no Internet.

Instead, spectacular night skies, crystalline turquoise waters and extraordinary marine life on the coral reef just a short swim from your back door.

For one month a year, Dry Tortugas National Park is home to a pair of artists in residence.. The park is made up of seven islands in the Guld of Mexico, 70 miles from Key West, Fla., accessible only by boat or seaplane...


The artists live by themselves on Loggerhead Key. It's a narrow strip of an island, lined with coconut trees....

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Photos from AiR

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