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Who Are We?

Carter McCormick and Paula Sprenger own and operate Habitat Productions, a non-profit based wildlife and environmental film production company. They met while attending SCAD in 2015, and later got married in 2017. They have been working together since the moment they met, and today they reside in Ireland, where they are working on their third feature film. Their first feature film, ‘The Wild Connection’, was released on 2020. They have also previously worked as DP’s on ‘Free Puppies’, a documentary film that explores the relocation of shelter animals that come from abusive portions of the United States. Before founding Habitat Productions they worked with various organizations such as Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and The National Parks Arts Foundation. Separately, both of their careers in filmmaking began in 2012. In earlier years Carter’s filmmaking had already taken him around the globe, to 

Ghana to work with Children Inspiring Hope, to Belize to work for the People’s National Party of Belize, and to Costa Rica to document the dangerous link between crocodile predation and the tourism industry. He is originally from Rising Fawn, GA, where his close proximity to local wildlife fostered his passion for animals and conservation. Today Carter is finishing his PhD in University College Cork in Ireland, where he is researching how to better formulate wildlife films to have a greater conservation impact. Paula is originally from Santiago, Chile, and has had a camera attached to her hand for most of her life. Though she has always been passionate about the welfare of animals and conservation, she kick started her career by diving into photography, where she garnered attention for her portraiture and fashion photography. She has been featured in PhotoVogue + Art Commerce, Format Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, Prodibi Magazine and others. Her filmmaking projects have been featured in various film festivals and in 2016 she won a RedDot award. Today both Carter and Paula focus solely on their company Habitat Productions, promoting the welfare of animals and the environment.

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